A short note about a few changes…….

I’m changing from a website format to more of a blogging format. My website name will be the same once my domain is transferred from my previous host to WordPress, but until then, it’ll have “WordPress” in the URL. My main purpose for spending hours and days setting things up in a way that is pleasing to me is so I will be able to add photos and posts from my mobile devices instead of just my laptop. I never could get my Apple products to talk to my Microsoft products! 

For those of you who are my regular clients or follow me on my website or Facebook page, please note that I am switching my business email to lauriegrant.quilts@gmail.com and my business phone number to 707-480-2170.

In the hours and days to come, I’ll be loading client quilt photos into the Gallery so you’ll be able to see my work in a more organized fashion. Please come back to have a look! Feedback is welcome as long as it’s constructive 🙂